Jokes; A Banker Walks In

A Banker walks into the dentist and asks what it takes for getting a tooth pulled out.

“Well,” said the dentist, “That depends on the level of service. If you want to go private we can give you the very best and latest in dental treatment. We get an anesthetist in from the local hospital, and I get two very skilled and pretty dental nurses to help out. Guaranteed no pain, no blood.”

“Sounds good,” said the man, “how much?”

“N500,000 per tooth.”

“That’s extortionate!”

“Well,” said the dentist, “We can give you standard Government treatment. I do the anesthetic myself – no nurses. You get a little bit of pain and a little bit of blood, but it’ll only cost you N50,000.”

“No, that’s still too expensive. Can you not do it a bit cheaper?”

“Tell you what,” said the dentist, getting angry, “I could get a pair of pliers from a mechanic and do a homer for you. No anesthetic. Guaranteed very painful – lots of blood. Your mouth will hurt for three months and you’ll struggle to talk for at least two. I’d do it for N750 and take pleasure in it.”

“OK, you got yourself a deal… book my wife in for next Tuesday.”


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