See What Father and Daughter are Doing

Charmer:::: Hello Sweet Girl!
Sweetgirl:::: Hi Lover Boy!
Charmer:::: Can I know you more please?
Sweetgirl:::: 17, female, sweet lips, bootylicious ‘n’ delicious, live in Maryland
and you?
Charmer:::: Hmmmm! I’m in love already. I’m 52, male, 6 pack, big Chest, live
in Maryland too.
Sweetgirl:::: You’re 52? OMG! Are you serious? Same age as my dad.
Charmer:::: I’m just so into fresh young beautiful girls.
Sweetgirl:::: Do you have a wife?
Charmer:::: Yes, but not as sexy as you, I have a daughter, she is in her
bedroom with her friend doing homework.
Sweetgirl:::: Then why do you like young girls?
Charmer:::: I love them because they are beautiful not to mention sexy n’ with
fresh boobs n’ booty
Sweetgirl:::: I am also into older men with iPhones, iPads, Cash, Gifts and
driving expensive cars.
Charmer:::: I can offer all of that and even more.
Sweetgirl:::: I think we should meet because you are in Maryland and I am
also here.
Charmer:::: That would be nice, where do I pick you up tomorrow with my new
BMW X6 sexy girl?
Sweetgirl:::: Tomorrow I am going to school it won’t be possible.
Charmer:::: Or maybe over the weekend, going to school is very important.
Sweetgirl:::: While still chatting let me continue with my homework, I don’t
want my dad to know that I have a BlackBerry, he will be mad at me.
Charmer:::: Which homework is that? maybe I can assist you.
Sweetgirl:::: It’s a Biology assignment and my friend Lucy is assisting me.
Charmer:::: Hey! You said your friend’s name is Lucy?
Sweetgirl:::: Yes.
Charmer:::: Exactly where in Maryland do you stay?
Sweetgirl:::: Maryland Estate, House number 5 and you?
Charmer:::: Mercy!!! is that you???
Sweetgirl:::: Dad, is that you???
If you were this girl, what would you do? If you were her dad, what would you do? lol


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