Must Read; A Girl Returns Home After 30years

A Girl Returns Home After 30 Years.
AKPOS the Father(angry): “Where the
hell have you been all these years???”
Girl: “I was working as a Prostitute in the Vietnam.
AKPOS the Father: “What!!?….. Get out
of my house,You Whore, I don’t want to see your face Again do you understand!!!!!!????
Girl(crying): “Before I go Dad, I
came to give you $10million cheque, and here is $2
million for my brother. I have bought a big house
in UK for you with everything in it including a Ferarri and a Bugati, bye Dad”
AKPOS (smilling ): “What kind of work did you say you were doing in Vietnam??”
Girl (crying out loud): “A Prostitute Dad!!!”
Akpos:”Come and give Daddy a hug”, I thought you said you were a “prosecutor” .
One word for the father (Akpos)!!


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