Please Read and Learn, Hmmm Contentment

A lady happened to find herself entangled in love with a guy. The guy, a graduate, also a working class still earning a little amount though.
The guy in his own little way still find a means of meeting her financial and emotional needs. He gives her 2K every week out of his monthly salary of 16k. Invariably, they are sharing the money into two.
Still, she isn’t satisfied. She complains a lot that the money isn’t ok for her thinking the guy collects 50K per month. Due to her nagging and lack of contentment, she decided to breakup with the guy. The guy moved on and the money was ok for him.
The lady in her new relationship tot things were rosy. The guy spent money on her for d first week and she gave in her virginity. She lost it….and few weeks after, d guy broke up with her.
She said..all men r d same n moved on to another relationship…in her 3rd relationship now, the guy is an abuser, beats her at slightest provocation…brings home prostitutes….and the likes…..she broke up again and got herself busy by selling bread at the road side.
She earns as little as #200 in a day. She was at her place of duty as usual when a car parked in front of her shop…the owner slide down the glass and ordered for 2 loaves of bread. She was given #1000….she fainted at the sight of the car owner…..guess who she saw?
it was her first boyfriend that she left all because she wasn’t contented…..

The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Let’s learn to maintain,keep our relationship. Things might be hard today but with perseverance, endurance n hard work, things will be better……


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