Guys Pay Attention; Things Ladies Wants To Hear In Bed

Guys pay attention. Things ladies want to hear in bed!

You are so beautiful:
This is something we want to hear almost
everywhere, but it’s extra special when making love.
We are not wearing make-up, there are no designer
clothes and accessories and no curling iron and
tongs. All there is nature’s most complicated creation
in all her glory. If you find that beautiful, you will get
a lovely treat. *wink wink*

You complete me:
This is a beautiful thing to say in bed. It will not only
make her feel loved and wanted, but also protected
and safe. It’s something every girl wants to hear,
because she wants to be the best you’ve ever had.

Lady, you’re hot!
She secretly wishes to be hot and sexy, at least for
you. When you call her a ‘lady’ as well as ‘sexy’, she
will be floating among the clouds for a while. Don’t
worry, she will give you a trip to remember too.

You’re great in bed:
Whether she is or not is immaterial. But if you
appreciate her performance, she will try to better it.
She will be more experimental, wild and generous.
Need we say more?

I love your freckles:
Women are insecure about that tiny spot or a stray
pimple or freckles. Some women may be conscious
about slight facial hair or uneven brows. The only
way to make her feel loved is to love her flaws. Tell
her how awesome those flaws are because they
make her so real.

I want to kiss you:
We are suckers for a kiss. And when guys tell this
right in the middle of action, we go weak in knees
and everywhere else. Guys, remember to be gentle,
loving and passionate. Aww.

You make me sweat:
She could be the most ‘meh’ lover of your life, but
uttering this line will kick her into action. Once she is
confident that her moves are turning you on, she will
try to better herself.

I want to make love:
It could be the first date or your 25th wedding
anniversary, whatever the occasion, never use
inappropriate words to describe your union. It’s
never screw, hump and bang. It’s always ‘making
love’. Make her feel special and loved and you’ll be
rewarded for your efforts.

Your hair smells divine:
When you’re smooching or cuddling, gently play with
her hair and say this line. She will love you for years
to come. Because it’s the most sensuous thing you
can tell a girl whose hair is messy, sweaty and lost
under your shoulders!

I love you:
What better way to enjoy sex than telling her these
three magical words? Even if she knows that you love
her, she wouldn’t mind hearing it from you while in
the throes of passion.

We hope you’ve a fabulous time with your partner
and that you get many sexy treats from her, thanks
to our guide!


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