Jokes; Akpos & His Girlfriend

One day, Akpos and his girlfriend were seriously having a quarrel.
They shouted and insulted each other. Then Akpos suddenly said to her, ”PACK YOUR THINGS AND…”
At that moment, a phone call came in for her, so Akpos stopped speaking.
She answered the call and lo, it was her rich dad. She put the call on speaker. After the pleasantries, her father said, ”I have sent $100,000 into your account. Give Akpos $40,000 naira out of it and use the rest for your upkeep, okay?”
“Okay.” she dropped the phone, turned to Akpos and asked, ”So, you were saying?”
Akpos quickly readjusted and answered, ”I SAID, PACK YOUR THINGS AND GIVE THEM TO ME FOR WASHING.”


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