Jokes; A New CRK Teacher Was Posted To

A new CRK teacher, transferred to a JSS 2 class during the mid term, wanted to know how well the students understood the syllabus so far. He decided to start from the last topic the previous teacher had taught, “Hello class, who broke down the walls of Jericho?”
There was a full minute of absolute silence. All the students just stared at him blankly. The teacher then pointed at the students in the front desk to answer the question. The students began responding.
Amos: “Sir I’m a new student here, I just started this school last week.”
John: “Sir the day the walls was broken, I didn’t come to school, I swear”
MARY: “Sir I only passed by the walls of Jericho, I didn’t even touch it, as it was already broken when I passed it.”
Rufus: “Sir, I didn’t even know the walls had been broken, until you mentioned it now.”
The teacher became so shocked and infuriated, “What!!!” He screamed. The Students began murmuring amongst
themselves that the new teacher is so mean.
The teacher, shocked by their ignorance, stormed to the principals office to tell him what happened. The principal kindly responded, “Sorry about that. You know how mischievous these JSS students can be? Always destroying things and later denying it. But be rest assured, this matter would be fully investigated. Just write down the total cost in fixing the said wall, and at the next PTA meeting the issue would be discussed”
Who is more stupid, the students or the principal? Comment below…

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One thought on “Jokes; A New CRK Teacher Was Posted To

  1. Reblogged this on SUCCESS ONELOVE WEBSITE and commented:
    Three University student didn’t
    write an exam because they did
    not study. They came up with a
    plan, got themselves dirty using
    grease then went to see the
    “Sir we are sorry we couldn’t
    make it to then exam. We
    attended a
    wedding and on our way back
    the car broke down thus we
    so dirty as you can see.”
    The Dean understood and gave
    them three days to prepare. After
    three days they went to the Dean
    very ready for the exam because
    they had studied. The Dean put
    them in there separate classes.
    There were only four questions
    in the exam paper:
    1. Who and who got married?
    (25 mks)
    2. Where was the reception held?
    3. Where exactly did the car
    break down? (25mks)
    4. What type of car broke down?
    Note: Your answers must be the
    Good luck!


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