Must Read; Greetings Saved Him


Otondo worked at a fish distribution
factory. One day, when he finished with his
work schedule, he went into the cold room
(Freezer) to inspect something, but in a
moment of chance, the door closed and he
was locked inside with no help in sight.
Although he screamed and knocked with
all his might, his cries went unheard as no
one could hear him. Most of the workers
had already gone, and outside the cold
room it’s impossible to hear what was
going on inside. Five hours later, whilst
Otondo was on the verge of death, the
security guard of the factory, eventually
open the door and saved him. Otondo then
asked the security guard how he got to
open the door, as it wasn’t part of his
work routine. His explanation: “I’ve been
working in this factory for 35 years,
hundreds of workers come in and out
every day, but you’re one of the few who
greets me in the morning and says
goodbye to me every night when leaving
after working hours. Many treat me as if I
am invisible. Today, like every other day,
you greeted me in your simple manner ‘
Hello ‘ at the entrance when resuming for
work. …..But curiously, after working hours
today, I observed I’ve not heard your ‘ bye!
see you tomorrow ‘. Hence I decided to
check around the factory. I look forward to
your ‘ Hi ‘ and ‘ bye ‘ every day. To you, I
am someone. By not hearing your farewell,
I knew something had happened. Then I
Sought and found u!
Moral Lesson to reflect upon:
Be humble, love and respect those around
you. As life is too short!
Try to have an impact on people in ways
we can’t even imagine, especially the
people that cross your part every day!!!

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