Reason Why You Should Not Take Your Baby To Daycare


At a tender age, babies need to form a special bond between their mother. Mothers who often stay with their babies are known to understand every sign of the baby’s needs. If he is crying, sweating, wriggling his/her body, the true mothers know what everything means. If you are then taking your baby to a daycare, how will him/her form a special bond with you?
Consider the nutritional value of breastmilk. If ur baby is miles away from you for hours, aw do u want to make dat available for the poor child? Later on, the baby will be suffering from poliomyelitis,measles, jaundix and other ailments despite the fact that they have been immunised. The breastmilk contains everything a child needs.
Have you ever been told that d nannies only give the babies overdose of sleeping syrup just to make them sleep?. This is killing their brain but u won’t know that’s what they do.
What about high risk of infection?. Babies in day care r well exposed to a high risk of been infected with anytn. Consider d case of a nanny who just finished cleaning up the mess of a baby and yet feeds ur baby with the same hand without proper cleaning?. Are u nt exposing ur baby to undue stress and risk of being infected without u knowing the source, causes of infection?
Be a true mother and take care of ur babies.


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