Must See, 10 Things You Should Know About….

10 things you should know about Ladies/

1. A woman is such a school you will never
graduate from.
2. A woman is not like ‘detol advert’, if
you don’t take care of her…others will.
3. Your wedding certificate with her is
not a “driving License”; its just a “learners
4. It takes time for a woman to trust a man, it’s
hard to change when she does, but if you mess
up, you might just forget it.
5. She can be a very bitter pill, and a very sweet
angel, it all lies in your approach.
6. A Woman hardly forget things;but remembers
the past easily and this hurts them more, avoid
getting her
7. A Woman can be highly secretive..
most times when they prove hard to men, they
go to their closest friends
to cry!
8. ALL Women ‘love’ to be begged!
They love it more than they love men often!
9. When a woman is angry, over half of what she
says-she doesn’t mean it…
10. The most difficult time for a woman is when
she is away from the man she loves!
→True or false___??←



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