Must Read for Guys and Ladies by Awe Vikky

Dear guys,

If you want to marry a virgin go ahead but
please stop judging the non-virgins
If you want to marry a lady without a child go
ahead but please dont tarnish the name of
single mums by calling them names.
If you want a lady who wears vitenges, long
skirts, baggy blouses etc go ahead but
please leave the lady who wears knee length
dresses, leggings, skimpy skirts and trousers
You want to a lady with a degree that’s fine
too, but you really dont need to call the lady
with a ordinary school Cert. uneducated or of
less intellect!!

Dear Ladies,

You dont mind marrying a hustler that’s ok,
but stop calling the lady who wants a
financially stable man a gold digger.
You want a ready made man, fine but please
dont call the hustler demeaning names.
Lets learn to respect each other’s choice!!!
If somebody is not of your preference leave
them in peace and find your preference.
mind your fucking business!



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