The Letter You Need To Write Yourself

This is a new week. As usual, there are are
seven days in a week. In these seven days,
you are only permitted to feel terrific and
happy. Nothing less!

Remember you are wonderfully and fearfully
made and in the image and likeness of God.
Do not feel any less that this week.
Pay attention to instructions and carry out
instructions to the best of your ability. Ask for
help when it is necessary. Never feel
frustrated at anything, always look for
creative solutions to any challenge that you
may come across this week.

Do not allow any incident in traffic to and
from work determine how you feel. Getting
unnecessarily worked up will not make traffic
to move any faster. So relax, do not fret or
curse because of traffic. Keep calm and keep
moving. On no account should you quarrel or
exchange words with the conductors or other
road users. Nobody is permitted to ruin your

As for my colleagues, some can be very
annoying while some are awesome gifts to
mankind. You have known that already. So
you are not allowed to feel bad on the account
of anybody. Shut out all negative energy this

Remember Newspaper and TV headlines
made in Nigeria can wreck havoc to one’s
nervous system. Don’t believe everything you
read and do not take them to heart too.
Do not take what you read on twitter
seriously; for you do not know what is
influencing what they tweet.
Sing songs all week; dance all week. Be merry.
Give no room to anger. Make this an anger
free week.
Behave this week and I will reward
handsomely at the end of the weekend.

Yours sincerely,



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