Jokes: A Couple Received A Letter

A couple received a
letter from their
daughter who went to
study modern physics
overseas, the letter
“My beloved Parents, I
miss you so much and it
breaks my heart to
think that by the time I
get back you’ll be too
old. So enclosed you’ll
find a bottle of potion I
have invented. It will
make you young, so
when I return you’ll be
the same age as I left
NOTE: Please take only a
So they opened the
envelope and in it there
is a bottle with a red
potion. the man looked
at the wife and says:
“You go first.” (typical of
So the wife takes a
drop thereafter, the
husband follows. Indeed
the wife turn five years
younger. Years later the
daughter returns home
to find her mother
young and pretty,
carrying a baby on her
back. The mother
proceeds to tell her
daughter how the
potion worked and
made her look young.
The daughter was
delighted and asks after
her dad.
MOTHER: Your father?
Hmm, my child, your
father was so jealous
that I was so young
and beautiful so he
drank the whole bottle.
where is he?
MOTHER: Hahaha, who
do you think is the baby
on my back?

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