Must Read; I Was In The Shower Having…. by Tms Bell

I was in the shower having a refreshing and
cooling moment after a stressful day. I had
applied my bathing soap all over my face and
body. Suddenly I had a stirring in my heart to
wash off my face and look around the bathroom.
At first I was reluctant, but I yielded to the nudge
within me. As I washed off my face and looked
behind me, I saw a ‘deadly’ snake wrapped up
and gazing at me. Prior to this time I had digested
the book “The believer’s Authority” by Kenneth E.
I immediately remembered the scripture “I have
given you authority, to trample upon snakes….”,
“…and nothing will by any means harm you”. I
took some good time, washed off the soap all over
my body, reached for my towel, wrapped it up
and then walked out of the bathroom. I called the
attention of my cousins to what happened but
they wouldn’t believe me.
They thought I was cracking some jokes, as my
usual tradition was. I tried all to convince them
but they wouldn’t just take me serious cos they
saw how composed I was walking out of the
I went to the backyard, got a hold of a solid wood
and went back into the bathroom. This time the
snake appeared to be set for a sting. I positioned
myself like someone who meant some serious
business. I hit the wood on his head, he lost his
balance, but just like the devil he wouldn’t give
Had the second hit, but it didn’t give in to defeat.
Then I Kept hitting it as though it was the devil
(Lol). Kept hitting it until every life in it gave up
in death.

This same way, we believers should take our
position of authority and never loose our peace
for anything that wants to harm or ‘destroy’ us.
For more harmful are we to the kingdom of hell.
Glory to God!

Composed by Tms Bell C. E. O. Newbreed Nigeria

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