Must Read: The First Kiss

I was in 1st year of college when I knew him and
he was in his 3rd year of high school. We became
close because of one thing and that was “Love.”
He had a girlfriend and I had none. I told him
every detail of my life and about my feelings for
my crush and he did the same thing. He cared for
me more than his sister and I was doing the same
thing to him. I just didn’t know that I was
beginning to like him because he was 2 years
younger than I was and besides, he had a
That summer, we had a youth camp in our place.
We really had a great time together and when it
was time to rest, he accompanied me to the tent
with his feet outside because girls and boys
weren’t allowed to sleep together, but there were
too many mosquitoes that he let his whole body
get in the tent with the door open. But, the insects
started to get in, so we decided to close the tent
and we were sleeping side by side.
We talked and talked when
suddenly, he asked me, “Why
do I love you?” I answered him
saying, “Because God said ‘Love
one another.’” Then, he smiled
and kissed me on the check and
there was silence… after a while he embraced me
and said “You’ll never forget me.” I nodded, but
then he told me the same phrase again and I
hardly heard him. When I asked him, he
suddenly kissed my lips and hug me.
After that, I really didn’t know what to say or do
because I was really shocked and shy. I just turn
my back away from him and look at the stars
above. He listened to the beatings of my heart
and asked me why my heart was beating so fast. I
blamed him for that.
The next morning, he looked at me and when we
got the chance to talk, he teased me with the
question, “who was your first kiss?” I just smiled
because I can’t forget the time his lips touched
mine. That was the time that I proved to myself
and to everyone that first kisses are always the
sweetest, especially if it’s an unexpected kiss….
A sweet first kiss

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