Parental Guidance

parental guidance

parental guidance

How much media consumption is good for our kids, for our young cousins and for our young nieces? Does “Parental Guidance is advised” mean anything to you?
Well, I am asking this question because I was shocked last night when I hear a child who could barely speak, singing Davido’s “She no wan designer she no wan Ferrari.”
I could have applauded what followed next when all the adults there shushed the little child, but I disagreed with them in my mind because I thought it was already late.
I disagreed with them because I know very well that somebody, an adult must have either allowed the little girl to learn that kind of song at that young age or must have cheered her on as she danced to the song .
Don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means condemning Davido’s song but I think we cannot continue to expose our young ones to certain kinds of media at their tender age.
When I told a friend the story, she laughed and told me “you haven’t seen or heard anything yet.”
She told me a story she heard recently of a couple whose little daughter would always stumble upon them while they made love. A three year old girl, seeing her parents stark naked making love and even walking up to them to demand water? According to my friend, this lady said that sometimes they are caught up in their passion that they forget that they have a kid who might be watching or might even walk up to them like she had done a couple of times. What will you call that?
I am also aware that some families allow their children who are barely six years to watch Big Brother Africa. While the promoters of the show clearly state that the show is for viewers who are eighteen years and above, some parents who should have known better, sit with their children to consume what is meant for adults. This is disturbing to say the least.
There are reasons why movies and TV programmes are rated. The producers of such movies and programmes know that the contents are not wholesome for persons of certain ages.
I have also attended some children’s birthday parties where the same songs that are played in the clubs encouraging adults to get down and get dirty are also played for these young children. To do what, get down and get dirty? Or do we think they don’t understand what these songs are asking them to do? This is unacceptable and needs to change.
Maybe, we need to stress that the remote controls and the rating on movies are not for fancy. They are there to regulate what we allow our under aged ones to watch. What we watch is a topic for another day. There’s nothing wrong in flipping channels and explaining to our younger ones why they must not watch certain movies and programmes at their current age.
The message here is simple; watch what your children, cousins and nieces watch and listen.

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