Check This Out – 4 Typical Words Ladies/Women Uses Now

These days ladies will be dressing hot and
seeking attention like they can’t wait to leave
single-hood yet, when men approach them, they
suddenly begin to ‘form’ difficult and act like they
are not available for even a lil talk. Below are
some generic responses you can expect from a
typical Nigerian babe.

This perhaps is the most common response
ladies give when confronted by suitors. They will
act like they are in a hurry and seeing that the
men will not let them be, they will then tell him
that they need some time to think about it;
something they really never do. Almost always,
this response is out of protocol so that they don’t
appear easy to get and rarely because of
indecision. If you know you are going to accept a
proposal, why not just say so and get started
instead of saying you wanna think about it?
Funny how ladies like wasting time.

Nice. Statistics shows that there are almost two
times as many women as there are men so,
when all these ladies say they have boyfriends,
you will begin to imagine if they are saying the
truth or if they are all dating the same man. The
truth is that, so many of them just say the “I have
a boyfriend” thing just to put men off and not
really because they have one. After persistence,
they usually succumb to the proposal and forget
that they ever said they had a boyfriend.

Seriously? What makes a woman think a man
who came for a relationship can suddenly be
converted and tamed with a friendship offer?
Really, who does that? The fact that the words
relationship and friendship are a rhyme doesn’t
make them synonymous. Suitors know exactly
what they want and would rarely stop until they
get it. Funny enough, after sometime, these
friendship awarding ladies will begin to seek for
aid from their suitors-turn-friend and think they
have outsmarted the guy whenever he gives
them money forgetting that, no man opens an
account he is not willing to withdraw from – the
account might be a savings, current or even fixed
deposit but they always certainly withdraw.

More outspoken ladies prefer to spit this lines
because they see it as befitting to their status. I
mean, how on earth will he think that a pretty
lady like me is not hooked? True, a pretty lady
like you should be hooked but what if you aren’t,
should you lie about it? Pride has made so many
ladies to gradually and steadily creep into old
age without knowing. Rather than be up tight and
fake relationship, why not open up and go on a
These days, things have changed and men are no
longer as patient as they use to be in days of old
because of the numerous options available to
them now. Having said that, I am not implying
that the ladies should hop on every Tom, Dick
and Harry without considering their minimum
requirements however, those minimum’s should
be both very realistic and flexible.

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