Love your girlfriend/wife.

Love your girlfriend/wife. She’s not perfect, but
each and every day she tries her best to be perfect for you. She tries to do her hair the
way you like it.
She tries to do her make up the way
you like.
Sometimes, she doesn’t even put any
make up on
because you told her that she looks
better without it.
She even dresses a certain way, even if
it is not her
usual style, because she knows that’s
what you like
to see on girls.
She tries to cook for you your favorite
meals when
you’re feeling hungry. She tries to drop
some habits
that you do not want. She tries to limit
herself from
some male friends that you suspect her
to be
She cleans up & she washes your
clothes just to make
sure you come home in a clean house.
She tries to get you the things you like
because she likes to spoil you.
She sacrifices the little she has for you.
She takes
you to be her first priority because you
mean a lot
to her. She tries to have you be
impressed by what
she does on her own.
She just tries to make you happy, even
if she’s
having a bad day, because seeing you
happy makes
her happy
So love her for that. Be there for her.
Don’t hurt
her, don’t cheat on her, just make her
happy &
love her the way she is.
Have a splendid day,my lovely pals.


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