Modified by David Dammy
You saq an handsome guy on Facebook. You
add him up. He checks your pictures. He
confirms you as a friend. He inboxes you. You
reply, all excited. You’ll want to hook up. Set
a date. You dress up, smell good, make up on,
fresh breath & new weave. He takes you for
lunch to Primi. You two have a good time. He
rubs your hand, makes you laugh, gives you a
looks and smiles. You fall inlove. It’s like
you’ve known him forever.
He takes you to his apartment. He makes you
feel comfortable And lays you on his bed. He
rubs it gently, kiss you passionately. Unzip
your jeans, they’re too tight but he manages
to take ’em off. ‪#‎ SharpGuy‬
You love his aggresion, strength, power & you
give in. It feels good. You know it’s wrong,
but it feels good. You ask for protection, he
says it’s too late. You obey & don’t disturb.
He says he loves you & you don’t hesitate to
say you love him too. He continues to bang the
hell outta ya thing like you ever did your
whole life. It feels good and you moan
softly. ‪#‎ Good‬
Okay, he pulls out, goes to the kitchen to get
a glass of water. He helps you drink it, ohh
man. You feel special.
“He must be the one”, you thought to
yourself .
You get dressed. He takes you to the taxi
rank & kisses you on the cheeck & say “I had
a great time”, you smile & say “See you
tomorrow babe”. He stays silent. You drive
away, in the taxi you can’t stop smiling.
You get home & inbox him that you got home
safe. He is online, but doesn’t reply. It’s
unlike him, so you inbox him again. He doesn’t
respond. Minutes later you can’t find him on
your friend list. OMG! HE BLOCKED YOU!!!
Days, weeks, months passes by. You start
feeling sick, weak, loose weight, act strange
with sores in your mouth. You go to the clinic.
Get tested. Minutes later, nurse walks in and
tells you, “I’m sorry. You’re HIV Postive”.
You ask, “HOW?” You don’t understand.
Reality hits you. You walk home. Scared.
Confused. You go to the train railway. You
lay, hopeless, emotionless. You see the train
coming nearer. You look into the sky & pray.
BOOM!!! That’s the end of you.
@You, Yes you reading this, “Don’t be that
girl! Live wise!!!” Composed by Awe Vikky



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