It was on a Saturday morning,I just
undergone my normal drilling in the
morning. I was so tired that I could
hardly lift a bucket of water. I
looked at my body in the wall mirror and
was like mhennnn…….. My pant,soaked with sweat and I could feel
my heart beating against my
chest. Body building no be beans and
you ladies be expecting us to keep
I was about to enter the bathroom when
my bestie reached me on phone
that she is bored and hungry. Her house
is just a 10 minutes trek from
my place. Tired as I was,I didn’t tell her
not to come. After all,she
isn’t a visitor. She can easily cook for
herself. Ok then baby,as I am
fond of calling her… can come.
I had barely finished having my bath
when I heard her knock on the door.
I rushed out of the bathroom with water
and the perfume of the soap
still oozing out of my skin.
I wrapped my towel on my body and
flipped the door open. She looked at
me with a faint smile and pushed me
away from the door……ouch.
..I faked a pain.
She just went straight to the kitchen and
lit up the gas cooker. I trust
her,she is a great cook,I said to myself
while walking to my room. My
room is a well furnished self contain. No
lady Will believe I am broke
when they see the way my room is
I was applying nivea cream on my body
when she knocked on my room’s
door. Yea I am coming. Before I could
reply her,she was already in the
room. She looked at me and smiled. Just
want to tell you the food is on
fire. I replied without looking at her face
which won’t stop staring at
my 6 packs.(rectus abdominalis).
I wonder why she and I didn’t date. She
has been my crush for so long
but maybe because I didn’t ask her out.
Can I help you applythecream,she
inquired. Without a responseand it
was like she cast a spell on me,I gave her
the cream. My temperature
rose beyond normal as she applied the
cream from my abs down to my laps.
She trickled my towel to one side and
rubbed the inner part of my laps
with the cream. Gosh…
She just held my manhood in her hands
and applied cream. I could feel
her finger tip tickling the hole of my
I screamed softly and held her head.
Continue baby I said. She held my
balls in-between her two lips and sucked
them. Nice smell she said. My
pubic hairs just started growing back
after wiping the whole place clean
a week ago. She couldn’t resist the head
of my penis.
At times I di wonder if my penis was
actually carved or circumcised
because the head is so much bigger
than the other part. So large and
neatly shaped. This is why ladies scream
under me. The thrusting isn’t
an easy task. Having something huge like
that been choked into you from
back and front hitting your womb…..oh
the pain and sweet sensation is
such a well blended sexual explore.
It was past 10 already and the golden
ball shone through my window
blinds. The little heat coming from the
sun mingled with the breeze
blowing from my split air conditioner.
Underneath our cold skin runs a
warm blood.
She stood up after the blowjob and laid
on her back. Legs widely open
and hairs that looks like grass beaten by
rain smiled to me. Her punani
is something you will die for,I tell you.
She neatly shaped her punani
hairs and left a triangular patch of curly
hair in the center right on
top of her clitoris. Her rather pinkish
clitoris was raising up and down
just like my penis. I just keep wondering
if this is actually the hole a
baby comes from.
Who cares,I bent over to give her a head
job. With my hands on her
boobs,tickling her nipples,my tongue
went inside. Under her clitoris is a
salty but juicy discharge which I licked all
up. I kept using my tongue
to raise her clitoris up and she moaned
and jerked her bumbum up my
head. She held my head hard and
h……baby this…baby
that. I could hardly hear her again
because she has used her laps to
lock my head and block my ears.
I continued with my head job. By
was so wet and all her discharge were
spilled over my face….my cheek looks
glossy like a puppy dog fed with blood
She held my dick and said come into me
i told her not yet,so I shoved my
two fingers in her punani.
I kept fingering her more and
is the chubby type. Her vagina lips were
thick but soft just like a cow skin soaked
melon(egusi) soup.i inserted my third
finger and she kept moaning with her
closed. She held my bed sheet and
harder. Her breast has risen beyond
Filled with blood and swollen veins,the
breast looks more or less like an over
watermelon. The nipples now standing
erect just like a carrot.
she then bent over with her bumbum
facing me. With two slaps from my palm
her but,I held her hips. My penis went
straight inside her and she held my
by contracting her punani muscles. I
jerking front and back and she kept
her waist. We were like that for 30
minutes. I rolled her over when I knew I
was about to release. She just held my
in her mouth and sucked…….i spilled it all
over her face.
oh… hot……we were about to go for a
shower when we noticed the house is
full of smoke….damn our food is burnt….
HAVE A BLASTING WEEKEND composed by Otenaike Hay Why Middy



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