she entered my room with tears and soaked her face on my laps. Betty,what is the problem I inquired with a squeezed muscle on my face.
It’s been long I saw an adult like her cried bitterly. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind.what could have gone wrong?.

Betty has been my bosom friend for ages. She is the type that can drop the last strand of her hair just because of love. I have never seen her lost her emotions like this.

I raised her face up from my laps trying to read meanings from her eyes. Her eyes were swollen and torn apart with deep red waters of tears. She looked at me and I could tell from her eyes that something serious is wrong.

I stood up,turning her back over to the bed. My short boxers already soaked with her tears and mucous like discharge from her nose. It’s nothing,I said to myself offering her a glass of chilly water from my table fridge.

With feeblity and trembling hand,she took the water and gulped it down her throat once. The jugular vein in her neck already swollen and is so visible like a big pipe running through the mud. The sweat on her face could be seen drying off and leaving moist patches that doesn’t look attractive on her face. Now I know what it feels like to be heartbroken………….

She started…..with my name going soft on her lips…..Middy…mid….dy….i am finished. I could still see her voice trembling like a rat drenched by rain. All I could do was to give her a nod assuring her all is well….

Middy,my fiancé just called off our wedding introduction. Whattttt!!!!….
I screamed……..i could feel my heart skipping beats……what’s your wrong,I asked……….
She paused and sighs…….i could feel her heart is made up and now prepared for what will be.

Middy…my fiancé called off our wedding because of my past. He said he can’t cope. This is the guy I met while all my hope was lost. He knows about my past… I was raped and tortured……he knows it all…..*crying *…..and now,after wasting 6 solid years of endurance,all he could say is……..

”Betty,I am sorry I had to leave. I couldn’t face it getting married to someone who has been raped….someone who has aborted in the past………i am sorry I love someone else”………

*hmmm.mmm……..bottom line of this story is whatever your past is,if someone loves you,they’ll stay.
Don’t let us use someone’s past to judge their presence.
Have a bl@$ting weekend… Composed by Otenaike Hay Why Middy



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