My Landlord…I live on somewhere on the mainland. Before moving into the

I live on somewhere on the mainland. Before
moving into the compound I currently reside
with my wife, I paid a two year rent to the
landlord. We subsequently moved into what my
wife and I regarded as our dream
compound. There is water; the compound is
spacious enough for cars and for hosting a
group of people to an outdoor event.
We lived peaceably with everybody, though we
hardly stay home. We occasionally meet fellow
tenants either on our way to work or when we
are returning from work. The landlord also lives in the compound too.
Eight months before the expiration of our rent,
the landlord called for a meeting of the entire
tenants. During the meeting, the landlord told us that his two sons got admission to study in the UK. My fellow tenants were ecstatic; they all rose to their feet and made their way to the
landlord to shake him. Initially I wasn’t sure how to react to the news since I already had an
incline to where the landlord was heading.
When the congratulatory messages died down,
the landlord delivered the rest of his message.
He told us that as a result of the admission, he
would require us to pay for next year’s rent in 2 months time. Mine was the closest; it would be due in eight months time. For other tenants,
their rent would be due in nine to ten months
time according to them.
Nobody uttered a word. Silence enveloped the
meeting. I cleared my voice and told the
landlord that for me, I would not be able to meet that demand, that I had other commitments.
My response didn’t go down well with the
landlord. He accused me of planning to
undermine the interest of his family.
That was the beginning of my ordeal in the
hands of the Landlord. Whenever he parked
behind us, he would take his time before he
would move his car. He started locking the gates very early at night. Sometimes, I would stay up to thirty minutes waiting for the gate to be opened.
One day, he brought some people to check our
apartment. My wife did not allow them access to our flat. When they were leaving he told the
people not to worry that the apartment would
soon be vacant.
He kept throwing all sorts of antics at us. He cut off water supply to our flat. He would not allow my wife to make use of the clothes line. My wife and I have decided we would not react
aggressively to whatever he did to us; the peace we hitherto have enjoyed disappeared. We were daily inundated with drama from the landlord.
After watching him persecute us for about two months, I walked up to him one day to confront him; I told I had something to tell him.
The five minutes he listened to me was one he
would never forget in a hurry. “I have never
insulted you or anybody in this compound. I
have never said anything evil about you or
anybody in this compound. I will never do that to you or anybody in this compound. You want to frustrate me out of this compound. I understand
that very well. However, let me make something very clear to you. It will be in your benefit to retrace your steps; otherwise you might incur the wrath of God with the way you are treating me and my wife. Something tells me that is eminent ” I said to him.
I left him still rooted to the ground. He did not
utter any word.
The following day I noticed a change. The gate
was not locked when I returned from work. My
wife told me he greeted her when they met at
the staircase in the day. That was the end of the
ordeal. The man never disturbed us again until
we left that compound.



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