When A Tattoo Counts For Nothing

The noise coming from my neighbour’s room was deafening. I quickly sprang on my feet as I struggled to catch my balance. I looked at the wall clock hanging on the left side of my bed; it was fifteen minutes past four in the morning. Tunde and his girlfriend Ndidi were quarrelling. I listened as the girlfriend cursed, cried and sworn. Tunde was only consistent with his one liner “I’m done with you”.
I was relived when I realised it was mere exchange of words; though very loud. I crawled back to my bed and tried to catch up with the dream I was enjoying before I was brought back to the land of reality by Tunde and company.
I wasn’t sure I have finished negotiating with the side of bed that easily sends me to the snooze land when the shouting bout in Tunde’s room resumed. I didn’t know if I should intervene; I haven’t intervened before.
Tunde is this happening guy in Magodo, Lagos. He is the proverbial every girl’s delight. He is tall, dark and handsome. The girls love him and he knows that too.
Tunde readily says hi and returns every greeting with extra warmth. His warm nature and good physical look have always been his charm. Tunde takes his time in choosing a girl to go out with. The opposite,however, is his weakness. He doesn’t waste any time in showing his girls the door.
Tunde’s recent girls -Pearl,Lizzy,Mercy and Joy did not stay more than two months with him. They all exited his life in the order they came in.
Ndidi is Tunde’s first Igbo girlfriend. We all had the impression that Ndidi had gotten herself into the reserved part of Tunde’s heart. The pair has been together for more than six months.
“What kind of human being are you, what haven’t I done for you?” Ndidi kept yelling.
At dawn neighbours came around to help resolve the matter. Funmi, our good Samaritan drew Ndidi’ closer and started massaging her shoulder. Ndidi cried uncontrollably.
I kept wondering why a beautiful girl like Ndidi would cry the way she was crying because a man asked her to leave. As if she heard my thoughts, Ndidi lifted her top, shifted her bra “see, I got this tattoo for Tunde, just to show him how much I love him.” Now he wants to dump me because of what?” She didn’t mind that it was a mixed crowd that had converged on the compound.
I glanced at my neighbours, some of them were busy looking at the breast on display and not the tattoo Ndidi was showing them.
“You mean you did all that for Tunde?” queried Funmi. Ndidi nodded like a baby in dire need of sympathy. The crowd that gathered couldn’t achieve much; Some sighed, others hissed, the ones that could do anything only said pele o to Ndidi.
After about an hour later, I saw the poor Ndidi leaving the compound still cursing and swearing.
It was a sorry sight looking at the poor girl make her way out of the gate. Everybody believes Ndidi got Tunde’s love considering the fact she stayed longer than the previous girls.
Tunde’s love could have been temporary but the tattoo is for keeps.



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