A Young Man Was in a Taxi, he had only N200 in his

A young man was in a taxi, he had only N200 in his pocket. An old lady came to him and said “my son,
can you please give me N100, I want to take a taxi to
my house”. The young man said “but Madam I have
only N200, the taxi is N100 and return is N100, so I
don’t have money”. Then he thought for a while & said “the Bible says blessed is the hand that gives
than the one that receives”. He gave the old woman
the N100. When it was time for him to go back home,
he knew that he had no money, he stood there at the
park begging taxi drivers to help him.
In less than an hour, he received an alert saying “N500,000 has been deposited into your account”.
He was shocked, he went to the nearest bank they
told him yes that the money was deposited into his
Account. There was joy in his face & he said these
words “I know God holds my destiny” Type “Amen” If You Believe That God Can Do A
Miracle In Your Life. Remember, God Can Lift You Up From ZERO To HERO. Type “Amen” If You Believe God