10 Great Mothers Day Messages

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

1. I believe in love at first sight!”
Because… I’ve loved my mother
ever since I opened my eyes!
2. The love she has deep in her heart,
Always gives me a good jump start,
She is the one who’s love is true,
Thank u Mom for being u.
3. Being a great all mother is a very hard role,
But mother you are the Star for this one I know,
I love you Mom.
Happy Mothers Day!
4. Many hugs
Only love never anger
Teaching me
Helping me
Every smile, when I was sad
Raising me to be strong
It spells Mother. Thanks for being u.
5. Happy Mother’s Day
means more than flowers and gifts
It means saying thank you
It means I love you
You are my mother, my friend
Today is your day!
6. Ur arms were always open when I needed a hug.
Ur heart understood wehn I needed a friend.
Ur gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
Ur strength & love has guided me and gave me
wings to fly.
Thanks for being there in my life. Happy Mother’s
7. M – For the MILLION things she gave me,
O – For shes growing OLD,
T – For the TEARS she shed to save me,
H – For her HEART of purest gold,
E – For her EYES, with love-light shining,
R – For she is always RIGHT and always be.
8. Smiles of happy sunshine,
Arms of everlasting love,
Touch of sweet roses,
There is magic in the air
Whenever you are there,
Mother, everything to you I owe. Happy Mother’s
9. There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap,
no rose as lovely as her smile,
no path so flowery as that imprinted with her
10. If you want 2 see 2 heaven on the earth,
You must see your mother,
You should touch her feet.
Because your Mother is example of paradise.
Happy Mother’s Day.



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