Must Read Love… This is my story. About the love that came alone

so cute

so cute

This is my story. About the love that came alone.

Three years ago I was 23 years old and very
unhappy. I had just left a rich, non-committed man
who wanted to marry me and gave me everything I
But one day, April 1 it was and just like in a joke I
left him. There was a reason and quite a serious one.
He wanted to own me. Leaving him meant losing my
job (because I worked for him), my love, my comfort
and money.
Another man helped me leave him; he was the third
man in my life. I was madly in love with him. I simply
adored him. Two months after we began dating, his
ex-girlfriend called him and told him she was
pregnant. He went crazy. He began behaving weird.
He didn’t know what to do. Go to her or stay with
me. At the end, he left me.
I cried myself out. For months and maybe years.
I started dating other men and hurting them. For
only a year I went to bed with 5 men and left them in
the worst possible way. I made them cry and beg
I felt nothing. I was the cruelest being in the world.
My heart was broken and I found no meaning of life.
But at a certain point I calmed down. I forgot the
man that left me. He married that woman he left me
for. I lost him forever and I knew I needed to move
forward and to go back to normal, to somehow save
my soul.
Weird enough after this so called balance, Paco
appeared. I was at a bar and he approached and
started talking to me. We spent our time together
until 4 am and we couldn’t get enough of each other.
It was hard at the beginning. He had just been
abandoned by a woman he was 5 years with. So he
was being mean to me. But I knew best what he felt
and waited for the moment he would reach that
calmness that I felt and everything will be perfect.
Yes, I waited for him to go through that same hell I
did, through the same agony for the unrequited love
and I don’t feel sorry about it. Because now I have
next to me the man I can rely on totally. I love him
and I cannot imagine my life without him. We have
our wedding planned in 3 months time, exactly two
years after we met. And I think that happiness
comes alone to us, without looking or crying for it.
The only thing we need is to be at peace with


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