Lol! Funny Status Update….

Lol! Funny status update.

I met her at viewing centre in OKE ILEWO. With just #350
in my pocket, i took her out yesterday, hoping dat we go
take two bottles of malt den go back home to relax. As we
reach there b4 i even open my mouth to order for anytin
she has already ordered for two bottles of gulder, two
plates of pepper soup, a hollandia yourghot, & a lap of
fried chicken … as she was eating dem all, I pretended as
if i dnt want anything nd and I didn’t say anything bcos I
only have #250 remaining so we took #100 bike & I no
wan fall my hands at all.(as i was still thinking of what 2
do) she still asked for extra beer again (all 4 herself) and
even ask me to go nd buy Aboki suya for her outside the
restuarant….. .. .hmmm! As I stepped outside the
restaurant, guess what I did?


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