Very Sad Story….. must read

It was late 1970 in Sri Lanka. His name was Michel De Silva. He had a pen pal called Lisa Bartonfrom England. Not like these days, that era used only postal mails to contact each others. That’s why they call those long distance friends as “Pen Pals”. Michael and Lisa exchanged mails and pictures for years. But they never talked even by a Telephone. It’s because, Telephone was a High Luxury Item for Sri Lankans in that era. very limited people had Telephones.
Eventually they fall in love. Michel was from a middle class family, he hadn’t money to fly England. Lisa was a student. Neither, she didn’t earn money yet. But she promised to come to Sri Lanka one day for visit at Michael, as soon as possible, when she is able to do so.
Time passed, their love was matured day after day and they were in such a romance. They lived happily with their hopes and dreams of near future. One day Michael did post a post card that saying…
My dear Lisa,
“I’m going to hike a mountain with my friends. I Hope if you were here too, with me. With all my love”.
Your Loving Michel.
Actually it was not just a mountain hike. It is a sacred Mountain calls “Adam’s peak”. They left for the mountain hike in one fine morning. It begins to dark when they arriving the mountain site. After they had supper, started to hike. They were hiking for hours without a rest. It was almost about to dawn, when they got their first rest. But still dark was around and was a thick mist. So they thought to sit for a while. Everybody sat on somewhere they could find in the dark and Micheal went to call of nature nearby there.
He amazed what he saw there. It was Lisa; she was in nice white color lace gown. Even he never met Lisa live before, he recognized her in a blink of an eye.
“My goodness Lisa, you are here…Gosh…I was thinking about you all the way…”
“Yes I’m…”
“Why…why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to Sri Lanka… even I posted a Card that I’m coming here…did you find that? I did it five days before I come here”.
“No I didn’t …So Michel…I met you at last… my love!!!”
“Lisa… you came alone here? Where is the rest of your people? You know? My friends are over there, come…” while speaking he moved to touch her hand….
But…. She disappeared in to the thick dark mist. He looked around…but he couldn’t find her. she vanished without any trace. He could see only dark with the mist. He couldn’t understand what he saw. So he thought, it may be an illusion, because he was thinking about her all day long. Hence he didn’t tell anything to his friends there. But he was pretty sure; she addressed him as “So Michel…I met you at last… my love!!!”
Michel arrived home after two days, His mother kept a Telegram in his hand.
Dear Michel,
“Lisa Expired due to terrible car accident. I’m so sorry”
Lisa’s loving friend, Susan.they call me SAMMYJAY

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