Matured mind only,18+ only. Must read by Otenaike Hay Why Middy

it’s been 2 weeks I had sex,so I just decided to
chat with one of my bedmates to know if she is
Luckily for me,she gave me a total yes as an
Jeremy is a lady every man will want to penetrate.
Even mere staring at her breast cleavage which is
well decorated with a flying bee tattoo gives a
grown up man a full erection.
At times,I do wonder if she is from this world or
not. Her skin color is what I’ll simply call
“STAINLESS”. She got it all.
Her dimples looks like an artist carved out a deep
hollow in a wood. So frosh…………
I can’t keep fantasizing about her long fingernails.
So white and well taken care of. I love the way she
uses the nails to drill my ear and the inner part of
my dick. It Do send tingling charges to my feeble
Nobody would expect me to have such a beauty
at the tip of my fingers. She told me one day that
why don’t we just get married and fuck all
day……….i was like,Jeremy…….hmmm…i won’t be
able to cope with your sexual appetite. She just
laughed it off.
I went out to buy Viagra in preparation for her
visit. Her house is just 45 minutes drive from
where I am and since she has a car of her own,so
no delay. I took some pills along with a herbal
mixture given to me by one Hausa man.
I could feel the standing ovation in my trousers.
My penis bulged out right in the trousers and was
hitting hard at my zip. I just had to zip down just
to help the poor boy. I looked at it and it stared
back at me with a nod telling me I am ready boss.
I jumped up and shouted “WA gbayi……omo mi”.
It was this time I noticed there was this skunk I
couldn’t finish piping last night. Dopest niggers…..
I quickly reached out for my lighter,puffed it out
and smiled……..
I was about to enter the bathroom with my kush
in my mouth when I heard my phone rang……….i
jumped with joy and picked her call……
Phone convo:…yes baby..xup now..
Jeremy…my love,I won’t be able to,come again,I
am having a flat tyre……and ..
.middy: lemme com n pick you den….
Jeremy:…my period too just started….


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