Difference between Dating & being in a Relationship part1

I don’t know if I’m the most qualified to talk about this topic, but I’m going to try my best. Here it goes:


Situation: Girls meets Boy, Boy meets Girl. Boy ask Girl out. Girl says “yes” and they go out on a few dates. After the 1st date they probably can know if they want to continue seeing each other. Let’s say, they say yes. So, on the next dates they’re getting to know each other more. They talk about their personal life, goals, family and friends. What is happening here? They’re dating!

For what purpose people date? People date so that they can get to know one another. They may be attracted to each other and they’re taking this time to find out if they have common interests and goals. Also, they date to see if they can establish a relationship, right? For me that’s dating. Otherwise than this, is what? Friendship or maybe “just having fun, nothing serious”. In the dating process you begin to know a person well, you start feeling something more than “just friends”, maybe you can see a “more serious future” with this person or simply nothing more. This is the perfect time to say: “I don’t want a relationship, but I still can hangout with you.” Is up to you to choose what type of relationship you’re willing to settle.


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