MUST READ:- Funny Afternoon by Hay Why


I came back from school with a sweating face,soaked boxers. If only you could see my inner part,then it will be hard for you to believe I have not been beaten by rain.
The heat was seemingly too much that I had to zip down my trousers while in the class just for fresh air to stream in. Oh,who says genitals don’t complain…?
I got home,flung my already soaked boxers to my laptop screen as if the poor thing was my offender. As I carefully spread my laps under the fan enjoying the breeze even though it was still blowing hot,the PHCN just took off the electricity supply.
Oh….what dha fuck…i screamed alone like a madman inside my room. It was then I noticed a sharp pain in my tummy…oh…not again.
Hunger……..i just wish I won’t have to be cooking and eating. Can’t I live without food..? I kept talking to myself. The thought of cooking indomie with fried eggs just walked into my memory.
I didn’t know when I got to the cupboard. I was busy singing “storm is over” only to end it with a whistle…..a silent whistle……..guess what????
Rats have been eating my indomie for some days…..i screamed again but this time,it was more or less like a witch. Ohhh….my last hope.
I then turned to my garri container just to put something in my stomach before I eat something good. As I got there,to my greatest surprise,the rats were actually living inside my garri container…..come and see their shits everywhere on top of the garri?. Their urine has decoloured it all……..

I just had to live the house with a raging heart,….fire burning through my eyes……….

Good afternoon’s your day going.Written by Otenaike Hay Why Middy


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