Central Bank of Jokes(CBJ)
Doctor smarter than Akpos
A doctor wrote on his new clinic: Any treatment is
10000Naira and if we cannot treat, we will pay you
20000 Naira.
Wanting the 20000 Naira for himself, intelligent Akpos
came to the doc and said: I can’t feel any taste.
The doc asked a nurse to give Akpos a few drops of
medicine from box 22.
Upon taking the drops, Akpos shouted “Oh STOP! it is
The doctor said “congratulations, your sense of taste is
back now”.
Akpos was very angry that he lost 10000Naira
He came back two weeks later determined to get
20000 Naira.
The following conversation ensued between Akpos and
the doc:
Akpos : I lost my memory.
Doctor: Nurse! Please give this man some drops of
medicine from box 22.
Akpos: Wait doctor but that medicine is for sense of
Doctor: Congratulations, your memory is back. Good morning

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