A conversation between a Ben10 & a sugar mummy
who met on a dating site :
Sugar Mom: Hey babes
Ben10 : Hi, long time, so what
are doing ryt now?
Sugar Mom : Just got off da
shower baby, in my bed naked,had to throw the towel
away, too hot.
Ben10 : Mhhh wish I was there…
Sugar Mum: Really? And do what lol?
Ben10 :play wit those lovely tits,leak em, suck em, and
Sugar Mum : Lol then what? Did u get those p**sy pics I
sent u? Hope u satisfied, u’ve been askin
me for them for like forever.
Ben10 : Damn those pics made me horny the whole
week…. I still check em everynite b4 I sleep.
Sugar Mum : Lol want some
more? I’ll shoot them right
Ben10 : Hell yeah why not….but u know what I want? I
wanna leak that p**sy of yoz, I wanna f**k u like u’ve
never been f**ed before.
Sugar Mum : Baby u makin me sooo horny now, look
what u’ve done, I’m dripping wet…
Ben10 : Hey we should do this for real, that shouldnt be
a problem since we are from the same city.
Sugar Mum : Was just thinking the same things babes,
how bout tomorow at the motel?
Ben10 : Tomorow’s gud enuf for me,but plz dont wear
any panties ok?
Sugar Mum : Lol ok I wont, will tell u tomorow what time,
gotta get away from my husband first lol.
Ben10 : Cant wait, by da time we are finished, u’ll be on
top of da world.
Sugar Mum : Lol cant wait either, gotta get away now,
my husband has just arrived from work. Give me an
hour & we’ll talk again.
Ben10 : That’s ok, I hear my
dad’s car outside and I want to talk to him about
Sugar Mum : Your dad’s car
outside, which house did u say u stay in in Koyana
Ben 10 : Number 28, u ?
Sugar Mum : **Silent for 2
Ben10 : Hey are u still there?
Sugar Mum : Thabo……Thabo is that you?
Ben10 : Mum…….what the
fuuuuuuuck !!!!!!!
And what would u do if it were u?

Posted by Ş̲̣ά̲̣м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊ƔJά̲̣Ɣ™


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