The following conversation took place in
Artisan Market, Nigeria;
RAM: Hey meaty chicken, merry xmas and
happy new year in advance.
CHICKEN: God punish your mouth…
now I dey form sick na hin you wan spoil
show for me.
RAM: Your father… don forget as you
dey halah Barka d’ salah the time that
Alhaji wan buy ram during Eid-el-maulud
CHICKEN: I don die….no vex na joke abeg.
RAM: Na joke abi? you see that woman wey
dey come, she be poor widow wey dey like
buy sick fowl coz of the low price and that
man wey they follow am come so, na
healthy and meaty fowl he dey like buy
CHICKEN: Mogbe! na so I go take die, wetin
I go do naw?
RAM: Good question! just reply my
greetings coz you’ll be dying soon and be
fast before it becomes too late joor.
Merry Christmas in advance!

Posted by Ş̲̣ά̲̣м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊ƔJά̲̣Ɣ™


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