Akpos was driving through express when he saw a woman that was selling meat.He stopped and asked the woman.
Akpos: how much is ur meat?
Woman: #14,000
Akpos: Is too
expensive madam,let me give u #8,000.
Woman: Nooo it’s #12,000 last price.
Akpos drove away and drive back after 10mins.
Akpos: Ok, i will give you the money (he removed his wallet and he was counting some money). Pls help
me to put the meat in my boot.
The woman opened the Boot and place the Meat On the Floor.
Akpos just drove off without paying when he got home he
was happy.
When he opened d boot,he couldn’t find “any meat”
Plz who is d real 419 here???
Akpos Or the Woman???

Posted by Ş̲̣ά̲̣м̣̣̥̇̊м̣̣̥̇̊ƔJά̲̣Ɣ™



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